Macgyver Dvd Review

MacGyver, a unique and different action television series, premiered on television in the fall of 1985 to great fanfare. Audiences immediately responded to the title character and his unusual propensity for turning everyday items like gum and paper clips into elaborate life-saving gadgets. In doing so, he bore a slight resemblance to The A-Team, and this recurring story device helped MacGyver build a strong cult of followers …


Richard Dean Anderson plays the lead role of MacGyver, an energetic employee of the fictional Phoenix Foundation for Research. An unorthodox hero by the standards of the action series, MacGyver has a mortal fear of heights. A pacifist who refuses to use weapons is highly dependent on his ability to use his brain and play with the various materials at his disposal. MacGyver’s best friend and director of the Phoenix Foundation is Pete Thornton (Dana Elcar). Pete often sends MacGyver on Foundation missions and sometimes comes to his aid (usually after MacGyver saves the day). Additionally, MacGyver is regularly joined by his airplane pilot friend Jack Dalton (Bruce McGill), a man who is constantly involved in illegal activities and other troublesome situations. Between the usual series of villains, the revenge of arch nemesis Murdoc (Michael Des Barres), and his host of pesky friends, MacGyver is always in the midst of interesting and dangerous events, and the show’s true entertainment value comes from watching the method of MacGyver Badge Of Dealing With Every …

MacGyver’s DVD contains a series of action-packed episodes, including the series pilot in which MacGyver is forced to race against time when a team of scientists is trapped underground after a laboratory experiment goes awry. Wanting to contain the loss, the army gives MacGyver a small window of time to complete his mission before destroying the facility … Fans will take note of some interesting aspects of the pilot episode, such as Dana Elcar’s role as another character, using MacGyver. of a gun, and MacGyver’s boss is a man named Gantner (Michael Lerner) … Other notable episodes from the first season include “Trumbo’s World” in which MacGyver, on an expedition to Brazil, meets and makes the war with a mile-wide column of armed ants and “Every Time She Smiles” in which MacGyver meets a beautiful but talkative artist named Penny Parker (Teri Hatcher) and the two must escape the clutches of the KGB. ..

Below is a list of episodes included on the MacGyver DVD (Season 1):

Episode 1 (pilot) Air date: 09/29/1985

Episode 2 (The Golden Triangle) Air date: 06-10-1985

Episode 3 (Budapest Robber) Broadcast date: 10/13/1985

Episode 4 (The Gauntlet) Air date: 10-21-1985

Episode 5 (The Heist) Air date: 03-11-1985

Episode 6 (Trumbo’s World) Air date: 10-11-1985

Episode 7 (Last Stand) Broadcast date: 11/17/1985

Episode 8 (Hellfire) Broadcast date: 11/27/1985

Episode 9 (The Prodigal Son) Air date: 08/12/1985

Episode 10 (Target MacGyver) Air Date: 12/22/1985

Episode 11 (Nightmares) Air date: 01/15/1986

Episode 12 (Deathlock) Broadcast date: 01/22/1986

Episode 13 (End of Flames) Air date: 01/29/1986

Episode 14 (Countdown) Air Date: 05-02-1986

Episode 15 (The Enemy Within) Air Date: 02/12/1986

Episode 16 (Every Time He Smiles) Air Date: 02/19/1986

Episode 17 (Being a Man) Air date: 05-03-1986

Episode 18 (Ugly Duckling) Air date: 03/12/1986

Episode 19 (Slow Death) Air date: 02-04-1986

Episode 20 (The Escape) Air date: 04-16-1986

Episode 21 (A Prisoner of Conscience) Air Date: 04/30/1986

Episode 22 (The Assassin) Air date: 07-05-1986Macgyver Dvd Review

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